What is a Snapchat Geofilter?
Snapchat Geofilters are digital graphics which overlay on a photo or video that can only be accessed in certain locations based on where you are in the world on Snapchat.
You may have seen a Geofilter when your at a landmark or even in your local town when you swipe through the filters in the app.
Snapchat now allows anyone to purchase On-demand geofilters that can be used for weddings, parties, businesses, really anything, and are available for a selected period of time in the specific geographic area chosen by you.
Why should I buy my Geofilter from The Geo Factory?
We are one of the world's biggest marketplace of Snapchat Filters and Australia's First dedicated Snapchat agency! Our Marketplace has something for everyone at the best value prices! All of our professionally designed filters are personalised to your specifications and delivered quickly! 
How long does it take to personalise my Geofilter?
All Geofilters are delivered within 24hrs ready for submission!
Can I change the colours of your pre made filters?
Yes of course click here to find out more!
Do your Geofilters include Snapchat's advertisement fee?
No, We only include in our pricing your selected Geofilter personalised to your specifications in PNG file format that is ready to be submitted to snapchat! We include an easy uploading kit instruction booklet with every filter sold!
Depending on how long you want your Geofilter to be live and how big of area you want the geofence to be, prices start at only $5 USD.
What types of events use On-demand Geofilters?
Nearly everything! Our online marketplace supports all types of events from weddings to baby showers and everything in between! If you can't find what your looking for simply contact us and we will try to help!
What countries does Snapchat allow On-demand Geofilters?
As of 2017 On-demand geofilters are only accepted in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and UAE
Your Emoji's look Familiar like the ones on my phone?
You are correct!
We choose to integrate ultra premium emojis into some of design's supplied by EmojiOne the emoji supplier for some of the worlds leading brands!
Do you have a refund Policy?
Unfortunately not all sales are final!
Because all orders are personalised to order, in the unlikely event that Snapchat reject one of our designs please forward the rejection letter to us and we will revise your selected design until approval!
Can I use Hashtags when personalising my filter?
No, as much as we would love to integrate hashtags into our designs Snapchat do not allow hashtags to be approved!
But once they do allow them you will be the first to know!