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Snapchat is a very versatile and adaptable Social network that can be used by many businesses big and small! Here are 5 great tips from The Geo Factory Snapchat Marketing Agency
1. Keep your Snaps Honest. 
Creating custom-designed snaps is time consuming and expensive! people on Snapchat want to see real life scenarios or behind the scenes footage, not heavily designed ads. By allowing your employees to post directly to your following gives your brand real authenticity which the everyday consumer can relate to.
2. Social Media Influencers.
Social media influencers and niche celebrities provide excellent brand exposure and credibility. By allowing a influencer to take over your Snapchat story for a couple of hours you can not only gain important new followers in your chosen consumer demographic but your already loyal followers will appreciate the shakeup.
3. Business Geofilters
Business Geofilters on Snapchat give brands big and small some of the best value advertising in digital marketing! In terms of viewer engagement a Business Geofilter allows consumers to interact with your brand organically which is almost impossible to do on any other social media platform! Starting at only $5 USD you can reach thousands of your demographic giving you amazing brand exposure with amazing value for money.
4. Consistently creating great content.
Its extremely important to maintain your existing snapchat following by creating fantastic and entertaining content! This will allow your brands account to maintain growth and potentially earn new followers who can be potential customers too!
A great way to do this is by broadcasting snaps from popular events such as community carnivals, Concerts, Sporting Matches, even major holidays.
5. Keep Track of Snapchat Analytics 
Although Snapchat doesn't have the analytics platform of a Facebook or Instagram it still is important and crucial data that gives business big and small a insight into how many people have viewed/used the geofilter.
To find out more information on how you can grow your brand on Snapchat contact our Business division today!
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